LTL stands for Less-Than-Truckload, which is a type of transportation service that is designed for shippers who need to move freight that is too large to be shipped as a parcel, but not large enough to require a full truckload. LTL trucking service allows multiple shippers to share space on the same truck, which helps to lower transportation costs and reduce the environmental impact of shipping.


OLN provides tracking and tracing services for LTL trucking so customers can track their shipments in real-time. OLN also provides freight protection. Which provides shippers with insurance coverage in the even of loss or damage.

Transit times for LTL freight are longer than FTL. The transit times are not the same as the distance between shipper and consignee but are dependent upon the makeup of the network between the makeup of the network of terminals and break bulks that are operated by a given carrier. However, this should not deter any shipper from utilizing LTL trucking as it is a great method of shipping.

Overall, LTL service is a cost-effective and efficient transportation option for shippers who need to move freight that is too large for parcel shipping but does not require a full truckload. LTL service provides shippers with a range of benefits, including shared space, freight classification, consolidation and distribution, tracking and tracing, and freight protection. Find out how OLN can improve your supply chain and distribution needs by requesting a quote below.

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