Refrigerated or Temperature Controlled

Refrigerated truck services, commonly referred to as reefer freight or temperature-controlled freight, play a crucial role in transporting perishable goods, including food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items. The significance of providing top-notch care and attention in reefer freight service cannot be emphasized enough. It is imperative to handle and transport perishable goods within strict temperature and humidity parameters to guarantee their arrival in pristine condition at their intended destination. Even the slightest deviation from the specified temperature or humidity range can have dire consequences, resulting in spoilage or degradation of the goods, ultimately leading to substantial losses for the shipper or supplier.

When it comes to reefer freight, maintaining the integrity of the cold chain is of utmost importance. The cold chain refers to the continuous temperature-controlled supply chain that encompasses all stages of the transportation process, from storage and handling to loading, transit, and unloading. Throughout this intricate journey, specialized refrigerated containers, trucks, and facilities are employed to regulate and monitor the temperature and humidity levels with precision.

Reefer Service at OLN

At One Logistics Network, we ensure that perishable goods transported by our refrigerated truck services are handled safely and securely, we incorporate advanced location tracking technology. This technology allows shippers and suppliers to track the location of their goods in real-time, ensuring that they are being transported in the optimal conditions. Location tracking also enables suppliers to provide just-in-time inventory management, allowing them to deliver goods to their customers precisely when they are needed, reducing inventory costs and waste.

Semi Pulling a Reefer Trailer