Partial Shipments

Partial truckload shipping is typically used when a shipper needs to move a large amount of freight, but not enough to fill an entire truck. This can be more cost-effective than using a full truckload service because the shipper only pays for the space they need, rather than paying for an entire truck that is only partially filled.

The amount of space required for a partial services can vary depending on the size and weight of the freight being transported. It can range from a few pallets to several rows of pallets. The exact amount of space required is typically determined by the shipper, who works with the carrier to determine the most cost-effective transportation option for their needs.

Partial Loads at OLN

At One Logistics Network, partial truckload shipping are handled differently than full truckload shipments. Since the shipment is not filling the entire truck, it may be consolidated with other shipments to fill the remaining space. Unlike LTL, the freight will not be handled multiple times during the transportation process nor consolidated and deconsolidated at distribution centers or consolidation points. Your shipment will remain on the same trailer.

Overall, partial shipments are a cost-effective transportation option for shippers who need to move a large amount of freight that does not require a full truckload. They allow shippers to save money by only paying for the space they need and may be consolidated with other shipments to optimize the transportation process.

Pallet being put in the trailer